About Me


Donna Maria's Story

Donna discovered her intuitive abilities when she was a child, and since then she has always wanted to help people.

She is a Psychic Medium who can bring you the messages from your loved ones who have already passed.  She is an animal and plant lover.  Later in life she started working with astrology.

Through medication, Donna receives information from the three Guides who work with her.  She communicates with Angels, and is certified as an Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue.

Donna is also a Reiki Master - Teacher. Integrated Energy Therapy is also one of Donna's services she provides on people and pets.

Donna, The Natural Healer

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Donna's Mission

Western medicine acknowledges that a positive attitude is essential to living a healthy life. My mission is to treat the person a whole–mind, body, and soul. With simple, natural and safe treatments such as Reiki, Aroma Touch and Integrated Therapy I use spiritually guided life force energy to assist with feelings of peace, serenity and well being.

The Healing Journey

Healing is a journey, not a destination.  Let Donna be your guide to recovery, hope, wellness...whatever your path may be.